Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult group at Chapel Oaks is a crew that exemplifies the beautiful complexity of young life. We’re all out of high school but some are in college while others are working professionals. Some are single and some are married or even have children. The ages vary widely. It’s more of a young and family at heart kind of group. Sometimes we do stuff with the children and sometimes it’s young adults only. The diversity only adds richness as we do life and enjoy community together and help each other grow in our relationships with God and one another in worship, socializing and there's usually lots of fun and food.

Right now the ministry kind of pops up from time to time as we are rebuilding our leadership team. For now, get us your contact info and we’ll let you know when the opportunities for connection arise. This church is a great place to land and we want to embrace and build community with you and support you in living out your calling in this place.

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