Ransom and Reunion

I just finished practicing a song that our choir sang during church service titled One Day. It is a beautiful song that includes portions of the old Hymn “When We All Get To Heaven”. A line in that song says “One day we will see face to face, Jesus.” The reason that will happen is that He paid our ransom, He died the death our sins deserve, He died in our place. If the ransom was paid a long time ago, why doesn’t the Lord bring the reunion right away? 

The answer to that question is perhaps most clearly answered in the Bible message of the sanctuary. The Hebrew sanctuary on earth was a miniature model of the sanctuary in heaven as well as a compacted summary of the entire message of the gospel. It taught that there was not only a sacrifice for our salvation but a priestly work that involved a daily as well as a yearly service to deal with the sin problem and bring salvation. 

I don’t know about you, but even though I was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist and had some awareness of 1844 and the sanctuary doctrine taught by our church, I have to admit it was not until I read a book titled Ransom and Reunion Through the Sanctuary by W.D. Frazee that I could really make sense of it all. I first read it shortly after Sherl and I were  married, but recently read it again and was again thrilled at the simplicity with which the author covered some of the most complex teachings of the Bible. Some books on the sanctuary doctrine go into minute detail on all the furniture and furnishings, this book focuses on what happened in the court, the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place in relation to the gospel message and its practical application to our daily life. 

We live during the time Jesus is completing His priestly ministry in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary. What does that involve? What is He doing now? What is the difference between the forgiveness of sins and the blotting out of sin? What practical meaning does that have for you and me? Is there anything different about living now versus living before 1844? If so, what is it? Could you give a simple answer to that question if someone were to ask you? This book provides clear and simple answers to those questions and many more related to the doctrine of the sanctuary. 

This book was first published in 1976 as a result of an appeal by General Conference President Robert Pierson and has been in print ever since. Evangelists Mark Finley and Doug Batchelor endorse this book. It would be the first book I would recommend to any of you if you want a simple explanation of the Bible teaching on the Sanctuary and its meaning to you personally.  

I recently purchased 200 copies of Ransom and Reunion at a very special price and am prepared to pass on savings to you. The book sells for $9.95 on Amazon but I can make them available for $5.00. Please email me at mfenton62@gmail.com and tell me how many copies you want, but by all means read it! - Pastor Mike

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