New Reality With COVID-19

This week has been spent coming together with pastors, teachers and members discussing, imagining and rediscovering life in the COVID19 context. We have been engaging the latest trending technological communication platform, Zoom. You can do everything with with Zoom it seems, everything but clean. Which means you must straighten up a bit before hosting a video/phone meet event. I have been zooming all week so to speak. Among the avenues that have opened up for us to connect in new ways, the pastoral team has been hosting a prayer Zoom room, morning noon and night. We spend 30 minutes, 5 of which are a brief devotion. It did not turn out as I imagined. It has been better. Its been a telepastor experience. I had the opportunity to digitally zoom to the Hammes home, Rockufeler home and Hansen (Eric) home this week. It has blessed my life. I got to learn how others have been rediscovering life with all of its change. Thanks for having us, would love to visit again sometime soon.

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