In Him is Strength

They were twins. Same height, same size, same complexion. And whenever you saw Boaz standing on the porch, you saw twin Jachin standing there as well. However, these were not your normal Biblical twins. Each one was six feet thick, taller than a five-story building, and weighed many tons. Needless to say, they were impressive!

So who (or what) exactly were Boaz and Jachin? If you have seen a picture of Solomon’s Temple, you may have noticed two huge brass pillars on either side of the entrance. These pillars are our twins. Boaz stood on the left and Jachin stood on the right.

They were made of cast brass or bronze, created and designed by Hiram, the chief architect for Solomon’s Temple. And they were not just plain columns of shiny metal. There were nets of “check work” and wreaths of “chain work” decorating the tops of the pillars. Rows and rows of cast pomegranates, 100 all told, going round and round the pillars. And to literally top them off, bronze lilies by the dozens.

Can you picture the brilliance of the reflected sun in something that size? It would have been impossible to ignore the temple, and the sun flashes would have been visible for miles around. As Jesus said centuries later, “A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.”

I can imagine Solomon discussing these huge columns with his architect while looking back on his past ancestors, and realizing just how far his family had come. They talk about David and how he had defeated the enemies of Israel. Of Jesse, the farmer with his eight sons whose youngest had been chosen by God. 

And the conversation finally settles on Boaz. A man who had the strength to take an immigrant into his household. A man who had the strength to support his extended family when he had the resources and they did not. A man who had the strength to do the right thing at the right time, and was greatly blessed because he did so.

The family line of Boaz and Ruth had come through Obed, Jesse, David, and now to Solomon himself. The kingdom of Israel was firmly established, and was recognized for its greatness by other nations for thousands of miles around. The Queen of Sheba traveled 1500 miles to inquire of Solomon and to see the wonderful things that his God had done for Israel.

And so Solomon, being a wise man, chose to publicly recognize both what his ancestors had done, and what God had done for them in the many blessings given to Israel. In what must have been an unusual policy decision, he decided to give these pillars actual names! II Chronicles 3 says that “the one on the south he called Jachin (which means ‘He will establish’) and that on the north, Boaz (which means ‘In him is strength’)” 

And so for the next 350 years, these pillars were a constant reminder to temple goers of God’s blessings, and of the good that can result when we take the time to do the right things for others. 

Is there a neighbor that can use your help? Is there a volunteer position you can fill? Is there a need at your church that your resources can take care of? If so, then this may be your chance to be a Boaz or a Jachin, and use your strength to fill God’s mission in their life, and in yours. And who knows? Someday there may be a pillar out there… with YOUR name on it! - Dave Fairchild

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