Gotta Tell Somebody!

Have you ever had some exciting news to share but had to wait to share it? My daughter Breanna is pregnant and I was supposed to keep it a secret but out of sheer joy, I let it slip to a couple of family members before her official announcement. (Sorry Bre, I just couldn’t help it!)

I heard the good news about two weeks before it was announced to the church that an anonymous donor would pay off our church debt of nearly a million dollars if we would raise one hundred thousand. Let me tell you, it was difficult to keep that news a secret. I was anxious to tell that story but had to wait. I was rejoicing with you when the official announcement was made and I gave a standing ovation when we surpassed our goal and ensured the promise of the donor. 

When Jesus preached the sermon on the mount it was similar, but so much more significant! 

“Here the Prince of preachers, the Master Teacher, utters the words that the Father gave Him to speak.”--Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing (MB) p. vii.  

Can you imagine how eagerly heaven had anticipated this moment? The Son of God Himself in human form would address personally the race He came to save? Commenting on The Beatitudes Ellen White said,  “The Beatitudes are Christ's greeting, not only to those who believe, but to the whole human family. He seems to have forgotten for a moment that He is in the world, not in heaven; and He uses the familiar salutation of the world of light. [Gotta tell somebody!] Blessings flow from His lips as the gushing forth of a long-sealed current of rich life.”-- ibid.  Click here to read the full inspirational preface for MB -

Would you join me in appreciating “the long sealed current of rich life?” by study and meditation on the words of Jesus given at that mountain? Let us believe the promises and receive the life of Christ in those messages.  

The book Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing is a verse by verse devotional commentary on the sermon on the mount. For years I have longed for an audio version that breaks the chapters down into verse by verse segments. Since I can’t find one, I am editing my favorite audio version myself into these shorter segments.  I am about half-way through the project and am happy to share it with you. You can find the files at this link for free listening or download!

Now fill yourself up and be so full of Jesus you gotta tell somebody!  - Pastor Mike

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