God’s Truth is Marching On

Who is your favorite Bible hero? For me, one of the most inspiring men in the Bible is the apostle who once went by Saul. Back then he was an enemy of Christ and all who took His name, but then he met Him for himself on his way to Damascus, was blinded by Jesus’ glory, and healed by Jesus’ touch through one of Jesus’ friends named Ananias. Everything changed at that point, including his identity. He got a new name, Paul. 

He started spending time with Jesus and His people and then joined the cause he once cursed, the cause of spreading the good news that Jesus took the full weight of the sin of the world upon Himself so everyone could live life free and to the fullest. Jesus is the answer and the hope of the world, He is able to meet each person just where their need is greatest, just where we are.

Paul lived not just for Jesus but with Jesus and with Jesus within him. His lifestyle even looked similar as he became an itinerant teacher, a couch-surfing, and miracle performer in Jesus’ name. He followed where God led and experienced the ups and downs of a consecrated life. He saw healings and conversions and disciples taking up the mantle. He felt betrayal, and sickness, and privation, and yet, having Jesus, was content through it all. He ministered with such zeal that it made people uncomfortable to the point that there were hitmen on his trail. He ended up in a cell awaiting a trial that was unjust from the start, just like Jesus’ was. This great man of faith and testimony after testimony of God’s faithfulness and rescue was eventually silenced by execution at the hands of an insecure emperor looking for a scapegoat for his own problems. Sound familiar?

What a loss! What an inspiration! What now?

None of our favorite Bible heroes are walking this planet anymore but God’s truth goes marching on. It goes marching on when somebody agrees to follow Jesus not just to church on Sabbath but through seven days a week as they live and look for His appearing when He will come on the clouds to take His friends home. God’s truth marches on when we pray, let Him inspire and instruct us through His Word, fellowship with other believers, and serve everyone our lives touch. God’s truth goes marching on when we walk with Jesus and live like He did.

What steps can you take with Jesus today? Ask Him and He will help you to know. As Lao Tzu famously says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Start where you are. It’s the only place you can ever start from. Jesus has already shown us the way through His own life and those of our heroes. As we follow Him we can’t help but become a hero for others. Let His truth march on in you today, won’t you? - Pastor Nick

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