Entering His Joy

In the parable of the lost sheep the shepherd after finding his lost sheep delightfully declares, “Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!” Luke 15:6.

The joyful shepherd certainly represents Jesus the Good Shepherd, but other passages make it clear that it is our Father’s joy and the joy of the angels when sinners come to Jesus and repent. No wonder Jesus prayed for us, “that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves”. He wants us to find the same source of joy! To experience this most fully God wants you to personally be involved in this. 

Our vision statement at Chapel Oaks is: “Every member spreading the transformative message of Jesus' unfailing love.”  The leadership of your church wants you to experience this joy and attempts each year to provide seminars and programs to invite guests to and resources for you to use in sharing Jesus with others.

Most of the funding for this comes from “Give 1 to Win 1.” The idea behind Give 1 to Win 1 is simple. Would you be willing to give a penny to help someone make a decision for Christ? Would you be willing to give a penny out of every dollar you earn to help others make a decision for Christ? 

Your regular support of this ministry will ensure we have funding for the resources and outreach ministries at Chapel Oaks.

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