I was touched this week with a poem from James Rafferty, speaker for 3ABN television. John Weaver knows him personally and got permission for me to share this with you. He did not title it, but I would call it "Deeper". I hope it blesses you like it does me:

Lord of heaven God of mercy 

Won’t You keep me From this lie 

Change my habits And my motives 

Blank my ego Hear my cry 

When I’m thirsty For my glory 

When my pride Begins to rise 

Keep me humble Ever focused 

On the Lamb The Man who died 

In all my conversations 

Every thought and action too 

Help me recognize Your glory 

Make this journey about You 

I’m a sinner Prone to wander 

Prone to to crucify My Lord 

So I beg You And I trust You 

Do what You Do Best of all ——James Rafferty

Happy Sabbath! Pastor Mike

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