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In the early 1900’s the Spanish flu killed millions of people. In the United States the number was around three quarters of a million people. Between ten and twenty percent of the Americans who contracted the disease died.  Seventh-day Adventist students living at the Norwegian Adventist seminary just west of Minneapolis in 1918 were not immune to the virus. Ninety of the one hundred twenty students and faculty members living in one building came down with the Spanish flu. 

One faculty member was a medical doctor and even though there were no drugs to treat the disease, he implemented careful treatment protocols like hydro-therapy and simple diet in harmony with the health counsels given to Seventh-day Adventists through Mrs. White. At the close of the crisis, not one of those 90 students lost their lives! 

Hydrotherapy, drinking the right amount of water, proper rest, exercise, fresh air and simple natural diet don’t seem very impressive in the age of our modern technology but they are still safe and effective for many health problems without possible serious side effects. Of course I don’t want to dissuade anyone from seeking proper medical diagnosis and treatment when needed but perhaps if we paid closer attention to seemingly little things we might not need to visit the doctor very often. And even if we do get sick we would very likely recover more quickly if we pay attention to the simple but important natural principles (“doctors”) God has given us. 

There are still unanswered questions regarding the Corona virus and its impact on our population here in Kansas City, but I know we have a God who cares and has our not only our best interest in mind, He also wants us to share the benefits of our health message with people who will listen so He can reduce and relieve the suffering caused by a world of sin till Jesus comes. 

One final thought: If the same people who are going to great lengths to stock up at the grocery store, avoid risky contact and frequently sanitize their hands in preparation for a possible Corona crisis were just as diligent in avoiding and preventing the virus of sin and preparing for the coming of Christ in harmony with God’s plans, the work of giving the gospel would be finished much sooner. 

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