Built Up

The first and hopefully many annual Chapel Oaks Ministry Fairs took place on October 2nd for just an hour directly after our worship service. And what an incredible hour it was! Over 20 booths were set up in our activity center representing ministries from Youth and Adventurers to Health and MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) and Mom’s Next. There were opportunities to sign up to benefit from ministries, to participate in ministries, and even to create new ministries. The person hosting the new ministries booth was so excited about the list of ideas that were generated that they wanted to keep it and potentially be the new ministries coordinator. We were also incredibly blessed to have the Renewed Hope Food Pantry and NC4Y there, fantastic ministries that we love to partner with and support.

I loved seeing all the leaders pitching their passions. I enjoyed seeing the creativity of the displays including the Pathfinder booth where you could learn lashing (an arrangement of rope with a linking device used to secure and fasten two or more items together) and the young adult booth with a slide show of so many amazing memories that have been created. It was so good to eat the healthy snacks of hummus and veggies provided by the social committee. Even the kids were excited to visit all the booths as they were promised a prize if they accomplished that mission of getting a sticker from each ministry. At least one young lady did it twice to get two prizes. 

One of the most satisfying things was seeing people that were brand new to our church getting connected with ministries that they care about. There’s a couple that let us know that they are interested in music and they will be doing a duet in the church service this Sabbath.

- Pastor Nick

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